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Aliso Viejo
Anaheim Hills
Buena Park
Capistano Beach
Corona Del Mar
Costa Mesa
Dana Point
Foothill Ranch
Fountain Valley
Garden Grove
Huntington Beach
La Habra
La Palma
Ladera Ranch
Laguna Beach
Laguna Hills
Laguna Niguel
Lake Forest
Los Alamitos
Mission Viejo
Newport Beach
Rancho Santa Margarita
San Clemente
San Juan Capistrano
Santa Ana
Seal Beach
Villa Park
Yorba Linda
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When you advertise on you are taking advantage of being part of one of the busiest websites in Orange County. Our site is rapidly becoming the place to be found in Orange County. We have thousands of visitors every week. Our free listing makes it possible for people to easily find nearly every business in Orange County. Our paid listings make your business stand out in our listings and can even help the rankings of your businesses website with links from ours to yours.
As an example, check out the ad for Peppino's Restaurants on our website. Click at the end of this paragraph. After you've looked you can close the new page that opened up to come back here. The first thing you'll see is a banner for Peppino's, if you click on the banner you're taken directly to Peppino's website (another new page). Under the banner you'll find their enhanced listing with a link to one of our mini-sites. Click where it says more information and you'll find Peppino's mini-site where you can check out hours, cost, location, parking, banquet facilities, a link to their website or even order food to be delivered from right there on that mini-site (still part of and much more. Click Here to see what we're talking about.
You can put pictures, graphics and logos on these mini-sites. We can even have a 360 degree virtual tour of your business on this mini-site. We can arrange for the photographer to come out and take the pictures and put it up on your mini-site. These mini-sites are an entirely new way to highlight your business right here in Orange County. Our mini-sites are a fraction of the cost of sending out a flier once a month and they're there 24 hours a day - seven days a week. No one has to take a flier, or find the flier later, or remember your web address and then go to their computer and type in your URL to go to your website. All they have to do is click our link and we've brought them directly to you.
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If you run searches on any of the major search engines for Orange County shopping, shopping in Orange County, shopping centers in Orange County, Orange County shopping centers, Orange County restaurants, best restaurants in Orange County, Best Italian restaurants in Orange County, Best Mexican restaurants in Orange County or literally hundreds of other searches for business information in Orange County, comes out either at or near the top of most of those searches and many more. We have literally hundreds of top five and top ten rankings for many different Orange County searches.
To give you an idea what kind of searches we rank high in, on September 9th 2005 the first ten searches that brought people to our site, exactly as they were typed into the search window by searchers, were as follows, with the name of the search engine, the search terms (exactly as typed in), the search rank in results, were as shown below:
Google - orange county shops - #3
Yahoo - golden spoon in buena park - #3
MSN - anaheim shopping - # 10
Google - orange county parks & Recreation - # 2
Google - orange county college soccer - # 5
Google - birtcher plaza - #1 & # 2
Yahoo - orange county nude beaches - # 5
Yahoo - gilligan's island, corona del mar - # 11
Google - huntington beach michaels carpets - # 1
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As you can see from those results, no matter what kind of business you might have our search rankings are diverse enough to get your business found. These results were not picked carefully, they just happened to be the first ten the day this was written.
The site was built with two major objectives. The first was to make as much information about Orange County available in one spot as possible. The second was to make it as easy as possible to find that information. That meant making the site both easy to find and making the information on the site readily available and easily followed. We have over 100,000 Orange County businesses listed on our site, all divided by type of business, location of business by city and even what shopping center and cross streets those businesses are located near. Everything from beach cams and day trip helpers to where to sign the kids up for soccer, football or baseball or find them a coach or a tutor. You can check live traffic reports, current weather or the atomic clock for the exact time. You can look restaurants up by type/category, shopping center/cross streets or in alphabetical order by city. You can find how to get in touch with the Governor of California, the Parks and Recreation Department of Yorba Linda or building permits in Costa Mesa.
Go To Our Advertising Sample and Price Page, "The First, The Best, Still Ahead of the Rest" join the leader in local search for Orange County. Where else can you find more than a hundred different shopping centers sorted by city, with their businesses listed. Where else can you find over 6,000 restaurants listed by city, by category, by shopping center or alphabetically. Where else can you can you check out where to park at the beach, look at a web cam on the beach, check the water report, find a restaurant or see if they have surfboard rentals or jet skis, all in one place.
We're already highly ranked on the major search engines and we're making it our job to get searchers from there to you. We turn searchers into customers. We're the bridge between the internet and you. With literally billions of web pages out there, it's not easy to get your site found. Just ask people who've spent thousands of dollars on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and still find themselves on page 5 (or worse) of the searches. We know how hard it is, we're also in the business of doing SEO for other sites. We've had several clients who's websites weren't ranked at all for any search when they signed on with us. If your site isn't on the first few pages of a search on the major search engines you might as well make it invisible, because the only way it'll get found is to spend thousands on pay per click or some other form of advertising. Natural search is the best and we're all naturally grown in Orange County.
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We turn internet searchers into your customers. With a connection from our site to yours you'll immediately see more visitors. The right links make your site not only busier, but ranked higher, the better the quality of the sites linked to your site the faster your site's ranking will move up in the world of search. is in the top 1% of the busiest sites in the entire world and moving up rapidly (over a million places this year alone). We're ranked high on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Almost 90% of all the searches in the world are done on those three search engines, around 50% on Google alone.
In a matter of a few months we increased the visitors to Peppino's Family Italian Restaurants website by almost twenty times what it was when they started advertising on They went from unranked (not listed in the top 1,000 results for any Orange County search) to top ten rankings for all of their most important keyword search terms. Peppino's moved ahead of Olive Garden and Macaroni Grill for Orange County Italian food searches. They became the #1 Italian Restaurant in searches on all the major search engines. Our realtor in Huntington Beach moved from not being ranked at all to being # 1 on Google and having multiple top five rankings for his three most important searches on all three major search engines in 6 months.
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Advertising Options

We provide a standard listing free. This gives people your Business Name, Address and Phone Number. This free listing also includes location or type of store depending on the listing format. With this listing there are no links, no website addresses and no email or business description.
We also provide an enhanced listing. The enhanced listing adds a direct link to your website. If you don't have a website, we also build custom websites or can provide you with a one page mini-site (see above) on our site.
You can also lease advertising on our site in different locations from banners within categories to banners at the top or near the top of pages to right hand page side banners. We even have a full page mini-website advertising option where you can put pictures, logos, website links and loads of information about your business, all in one place.
Find out how much it costs to "Be part of the Best, not part of the Rest". Let us help you get found. Go to our Advertising Prices Page to see an entire list of advertising options or email us for a quote.
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