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Beach : Main Beach / Heisler Park
City :
Laguna Beach

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Location :

200 Broadway, Laguna Beach

Phone :

949-494-6572 or Pat Berry at (949) 497-0352

Description :

Perhaps one of the most fun to visit beaches in the County. The Beach is across the street from downtown Laguna Beach. Swimming and Vollyball are popular activities. This beach is probably most famous for the wooden boardwalk, a favorite among Orange County romantics.

The main beach in Laguna Beach consists of two areas, Main Beach Park and Heisler Park between the Pacific Coast Highway and the Pacific Ocean, Laguna Beach, CA

Both parks have a variety of things to do: a boardwalk for strolling, basketball and volleyball courts, play structures, a recreation center with lawn bowling, several open grassy areas for games and picnicking. They offer recreation on all levels, including art and culture, and draw thousands of users per day.

Main Beach, Laguna Beach's two-acre waterfront park is linked to Heisler Park, a two-mile greenway that runs along the bluffs of the coastline.

A world-class destination where you'll overhear exclamations about this beach's postcard perfection in dozens of languages, in between the guitar-strumming troubadors and radios. This beach is for the young and old alike. The short, friendly boardwalk, beach volleyball courts and popular playground keep visitors entranced. A unique blend with everything from chess and soap bubble artists to the long time traditional jolly Laguna eccentrics. Just cross the street and you're in a commercial mecca of art and food of all descriptions! Just to the north, past the lifeguard station, lie great tidepools and rock gardens. Well-maintained public restrooms and showers make it easy to change for an end-of-the-day visit to downtown Laguna Beach (across the street). Best to get here early, as public parking is limited and summer weekends are nearly impossible after midday. Water quality: excellent. Broadway and Pacific Coast Highway, Laguna Beach.

Access :

The activity centers in the park are connected to each other through an efficient system of paths and green spaces as well as the boardwalk. Overall, the park is easily accessible from downtown for people walking across the Pacific Coast Highway, which has been "traffic calmed" with landscaped medians (including topiary). The highway itself is relatively narrow as it passes through downtown as well, causing the traffic to slow down and creating a balance with pedestrian use.

Activities :

Swimming, Volleyball and just walking along the boardwalk and "taking in the view"

The park is used during both the day and the evening, throughout the week and the weekend, in the summer and the winter by everyone from shoppers and residents to tourists. People walk, people watch, play a variety of sports, some swim and many just spend time there talking with others.


Downtown Laguna Beach is just across the street with everything from hot dogs to fine dining


Well-maintained public restrooms and showers , basketball courts and volleyball courts

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Orange County Marine Refuge Project