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Beach : Newport Pier
City : Newport Beach

Location / Directions :

100 21st St., Newport Beach

Take the 55 Freeway all the way into Costa Mesa where it becomes Newport Blvd, continue on across the bridge over Pacific Coast Hwy onto the Balboa Peninsula and then just follow the signs to the pier.

Description :

The Newport Pier still holds the feel of the past, with it's beautiful wood pier. This is one of the great places to take a romantic stroll out over the water and listen to the waves break below you. On a clear day Catalina looks so close you feel like you could swim over, don't forget its well over twenty miles away. If you feel like fish there's a restaurant right at the end of the pier as well as a fishermen's fresh fish market right next to the entrance of the pier. The atmosphere is great here. There are little shops almost right on the beach, with everything from sea shells and surfing goodies to pizza's and cocktails, all with a wonderful view of the water.

Activities :

Swimming, surfing and diving are all popular at this beach. It's a great place for skating and biking with a long concrete pathway you can walk, bike or skate for hours. Shopping is right next to the beach, so you can come prepared and bring everything you need or just pop down here on the spur of the moment and get whatever you need right here.

Facilities :

Public bathrooms and public showers. The main lifeguard office is right next to the pier and commercial services abound.

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