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Beach :
San Clemente City Beach / Municipal Pier
City :
San Clemente

Location / Directions :

Avenida Calafia, San Clemente
(949) 361-8219 or (949) 361-8264

The beach is located near the south end of San Clemente on I-5 (Basilone Road.) The park entrance is reached via the Avenida Calafia exit, off I-5 near the south end of San Clemente. (949) 492-3156

Parking & Hours :

Metered Near Pier
8 AM - 2 AM

Description :

San Clemente City Beach is a two-mile stretch of sand at the base of the sea cliffs. Amtrak trains run along the base of the cliffs that line the beach. The 1,200-foot-long San Clemente Municipal Pier projects from the end of Avenida del Mar at the center of the beach.

For Your Convenience One of OC's most classic beach communities, with easy beach access, lots of nearby amenities, an adjacent Amtrak station, and classic old downtown San Clemente just off the sand. The extended hours cater to the avid pier-fishing crowd. Even the surf is moderately good with a nice sandy bottom. It's all very family- and kid-friendly (the ratio of youngsters to adults is about 75/25).

Popular with surfers on the north end of the one-mile beach. Other popular activities are skin diving and hiking along the trails on the bluffs. The beach has a landscaped bluff top with picnic areas. Trails lead down to the beach, which is also popular for body surfing, swimming, and skin diving.

Activities :

Beach Wheelchair, Exhibits & Programs, Family Campsites, Fishing, Group Campsites, Hike or Bike Campsites, Nature Trails, Swimming

Facilities :

Beach Wheelchairs : Available at Lifeguard, Lifeguards, surfing, bus stop, food stands, picnic tables, rentals, showers, basketball courts, volleyball.


Concessions are located at the base of the pier, while restaurants are found on the pier and Avenida Victoria.


Fair, but upgrades are in progress.


Not allowed. Period

Wheelchair Access :

There is a paved path from the parking lot at Avenida del Mar across the tracks to the pier. You still have to deal with three-inch gaps between the pavement and the rails. The only other wheelchair access to the beach is via a short path at the end of Avenida Pico.

There are no paved paths on the beach, so a beach wheelchair is the best way to explore. You can borrow one at the lifeguard station. Call the information number to request it. Without a beach wheelchair, you can explore the pier, and perhaps the hard-packed sand trail that heads south from the pier along a chain-link fence at the back of the beach. The trail is firmest close to the fence.

WheelChair Parking / Restrooms :

There’s parallel parking on the street, and a municipal lot with blue spaces at the end of Avenida del Mar. Restrooms at the base of the pier have narrow stalls with grab bars, but maneuvering space is cramped. There are fully accessible restrooms in Fisherman’s Restaurant on the north side of the pier.

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