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Beach :
Sunset Beach
City :
Sunset Beach

Location / Directions :

Sunset Beach
2801 Edinger
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
(949)923-2220 or (949)923-2223

16900 PCH, Huntington Beach
PCH and Warner

Phone :


Description :

1.2 mile stretch of sandy beach located in North Orange County

Traditional water related activities such as swimming, body and board surfing are common. A surfing zone is provided and controlled by the "black ball" flag system. Lifeguard service is provided.

Located in close proximity to large centers of population, Sunset beach draws thousands of visitors annually. Its 45 acre beach, approximately 627 space parking lot, public restrooms and playground combine to provide visitor accommodations.

Activities :

Sunset Beach provides ample space for recreational activities. Traditional water related activities such as swimming, body and board surfing are common. A surfing zone is provided and controlled by the "black ball" flag system. Lifeguard service is provided. Food and beach supplies are available at many nearby stores, restaurants and food stands.

Facilities :

Barbeques/Fire Rings, Basketball Courts, Bicycling/Bike Trails, Family Picnic Area, Fishing, Playground/Tot Lot, Restrooms, Surfing, Swimming, Volleyball Courts

History :

Sunset Beach has had a varied and interesting history. This beach side colony began developing around the early 1900's. The Pacific Electric Railway ran through the center of what is now the head parking facility. This railway played an important role in county development, linking the beach cities to major population centers. Weekend cottages and local businesses soon sprang up, paralleling the Pacific Electric tracks. As more houses were constructed this area became known as Sunset Beach. Directly adjacent was the residential colony of Surfside.

In the mid 1960's the Sunset Beach-Surfside received much public attention. High tides and heavy seas threatened to erode most of the beach and ocean front homes away. Quick action by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, with financial assistance from the County and State, stockpiled 4,000,000 cubic yards of sands. This massive effort temporarily prevented extensive erosion damage.

Recognizing that existing beaches were inadequate to meet growing recreational needs, the Board of Supervisors in 1968 declared "...that the public interest, convenience and necessity require the future development of Sunset Beach as a regional public beach facility by providing adequate public parking and related convenience structures." The stress on parking facility was due in part, to the limited affect it had on public access. Since only limited parking existed, located at some distance from beach facilities, attendance was restricted. Plans were immediately initiated to resolve this problem.

The unused railroad right of way was purchased in 1970 at a cost of approximately $1 million. Development plans for a linear parking lot were prepared after many public hearings involving the community. The lot went in during late 1973 and the first half of 1974, complete with a new water line to service the community, under grounding of electrical service, full landscaping and restrooms. The result, a beach parking facility and a community betterment project, all in one.

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